Midea Chest Freezer 99 Ltrs.

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Midea Chest Freezer 99L – MDRC152SLF01

Chest freezer Midea MDRC152SLF01

The Midea MDRC152SLF01 small chest freezer is perfect as an additional device for storing frozen food for a long time. Its capacity is 99 liters. Practical solutions, such as an equivalent lid or an integrated handle, facilitate access to the interior of the device and the insertion and removal of products. Thanks to the intuitive knob, controlling the freezer functions is child’s play.  

Mechanical control

Mechanical control allows you to quickly set the desired temperature inside the chamber in a default way. Easy access to the thermostat knob makes it easy to control the functions of the device.  

Refrigerator / freezer conversion mode

The operating temperature range of the device is very wide. Thanks to this, with the help of the knob you can easily change your freezer into a refrigerator or vice versa. Conversion mode makes your device 2 in 1 and you can use it depending on your current needs.  

Integrated handle

A well-shaped and firm grip makes it easy to open and close the door of the device. At the same time, the integrated handle adds a modern, elegant look to the door.  

Removable plastic basket

To facilitate the organization of the internal space, the device is equipped with a removable plastic basket. It works well for storing products that we plan to use most often. The handles on the sides ensure that the basket is securely held on the side walls of the device.  

Equivalent cover

Safe and easy access to the inside of the freezer is ensured by a counterbalanced lid. After opening the device, it can be opened at an angle of 45 ° to 75 °, and the lid will stay in place when released.
    Warranty  – 2 years parts and labour.