Midea Washing machine 8KG – A++

Original price was: €500.00.Current price is: €395.00.

Front load washer are not only quick but energy efficient too with a capacity of 8Kg, 15 cycles, LED display.

  • Water magic cube
    The new technology generates a unique inner water flow that simulates traditional hand-wash methods, resulting in cleaner clothes in a shorter period of time.
  • 15 Min Quick Wash
    User friendly and energy efficient the new quick wash feature leaves your clothes clean in a flash.
  • Bigger Door
    New larger door measures 480MM in diameter which means oversized blanket can fit in your washer
  • Delay Start
Do your laundry while you sleep with the delayed start option, ensuring your favourite garments are ready for you in the morning.  
  • Drum Clean Reminder
A drum clean indicator tells you when your drum is ready to be automatically cleaned. Add an extra rinse to your cycle for deeper cleaning.  
  • LED Display
LED display is more precise and easy to use.  
  • Hygiene Pro
The self-clean function is automatically activated during every wash cycle to increase hygiene and give your clothes a better wash.  
  • Child Lock
All buttons except the power button are disabled when your machine is in child lock mode. It prevents little ones from accidentally operating the machine and ensures your wash cycle runs as smooth as possible.  
  • Baby Care
To take better care of your children’s health, increase water inflow during each rinsing stage to remove any remaining washing powder residue from their clothes.  
  • Quick Wash
The 15-minute quick wash is useful when you only have a small load and want to reduce power consumption.  
  • Self Clean
Reduce secondary pollution with the self-clean function that combines high temperatures with a flush flow to effectively clean the inner and outer drum.  
  • Prewash
Put heavily soiled clothes through a pre-wash cycle to increase washing performance and remove stubborn stains.   2 years Warranty parts and labour.