Gree Integrated Heat Pump Water Heater

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Gree Integrated Heat Pump Water Heater drives the compressor by some electricity by the heat pump principle. Through thermodynamic cycle, the unit will absorb the heat from the low-grade energy (air) in surrounding environment, transport it to heat exchanger of water tank and then release it to water in water tank to heat the water. The working principle is almost same with that for heat pump air conditioner. The only difference is that the heat pump air conditioner absorb the heat from natural environment and then supply it to indoor air, while air source water heater is using that heat to heat water. Its EER is 3 times higher than that for traditional electric water heater. Integrated Heat Pump Water Heater is a kind of high-efficiency.
Gree Integrated Heat Pump Water Heater is a smart water supply for saving energy with complete functions. Fashionable design and concise appearance is perfectly matching with high-end design approach. This unit is applicable for the area where the ambient temperature is 0~45℃. Introduction for main functions: The unit is with multiple kinds of operation mode which can be selected by users freely:
  • Hot Water Mode
  • Save Mode
  • Rapid
  • Preset Mode
  • Night Mode
  • E-Heater Mod
This product offers a complete function such as:
  • External-winding micro-channel heat exchanger design
  • Multiple spot temperature inspection for ensuring hot water
  • Special controller; humanized operation mode
  • 8 kinds of protection for safety
  • Convenient for installation and space-saving
  • Timer ON and timer OFF
  • Three preset time available
  • i-know intelligent function
  • Multiple functions optional
  • Clock time display
  • Keypad lock
  • Parameter review and setting
  • Power-off memory function
  • Error code and status display
  The Heat pump system will be sold including installation provided that: a) Appropriate electrical supply (double pole switch 16A) within 1 metre from the installation. b) Appropriate cold water feed within 1 metre from the installation. c) Appropriate hot water outlet within 1 metre from the installation. d) Appropriate drain point within 1 metre from the installation.
Should an adequate cold water feed be impossible to achieve by gravity, a water flow pump will be necessary. A water flow pump should be provided. Recommended pressure between 1.5 and 4 bar pressure.

Eligible for Govermet Grant Rabte 

Guarantee: a)5 years on Eligible costs (Heat pump only) and 7 Years on Compressor b)2 years on Non-Eligible costs. (Hydronic, refrigeration installation & ancillary equipment.)