Gree Fairy Wall Mounted Type Air Conditioners

Gree Fairy series impresses with its elegant design which is suitable for every modern interior, comes in 4 different colours (white, champagne, silver and black) with round edges that make it more stylish.

Gree Fairy Wall Mounted Type Air Conditioners  comes in a range of 12,000BTU, 18,000BTU and 24,000BTU.

The 24,000BTU is capable to go up to 30,000BTU on cooling and 36,000BTU on heating due to a higher air flow volume.


R-32 is a next generation refrigerant that efficiently carries heat and has lower environmental impact.


An Inverter is a new system in the AC’s that when the AC reaches its temperature, the system slows down using less electricity with less consumption and it keeps your room at the preferred temperature.


With the WIFI Function you can turn the unit on with your smart phone when you are in another location.